STiR 2016 Presentation Video and Deck



Watch the presentation by

Peter Akman, Co-Founder/President of Raxar,

and Bryan Jonson, West Sacramento Fire Marshal,

at the STiR 2016 Demo Day.



Raxar Technology Corporation was featured at STIR Demo Day 2016 in San Francisco on Friday, September 16.  

Raxar was able to showcase the incredible results created from the opportunity to work with the STiR Program, City of West Sacramento, and the West Sacramento Fire Department:

  • 85% Time Savings amounting to ~13,500 hours
  • 100% Improvement in visibility on route to fire incidence
  • 100% Rise in Complaince 

Over a 16 week period, the West Sacremento Fire Department and Raxar worked closely to analyze the processes in place, create better workflows, and deploy the utilization fo Raxar's proprietary technology, the GRAiT System.


Watch the video above to see the team give a presentation on the fire departments project goals and results. 


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